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Motherhood Moment to Memory: He Waved and Walked Away…

He waved and walked away from me yesterday. I dropped him off by the church nursery door for my MOPS meeting. He gave me a little wave and walked right in.

He waved and walked away from me yesterday. I dropped him off by the church nursery door for my MOPS meeting. He gave me a little wave and walked right in. Made a beeline for the toys. And he didn’t look back. I watched him go with a mix of emotions. All last year, I tried to leave him in the nursery and they always brought him back to me. He wanted to be held or he wanted to nurse.…

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Why Our Weekend Getaway Was Important For Our Marriage

We needed time for just the two of us. We needed to reconnect. We needed a getaway. That's why we headed off for Estes Park, Co in late October.

Sometimes, you just need a getaway. Adulting is hard. It can be tough to be married and even tougher to be parents. It seems so whimsical and romantic at first glance. The proposal, the wedding, the rings, happily ever after and cute, cuddly special deliveries from the stork. But, the stork didn’t deliver our son. I DID. And while he is certainly cute and cuddly, his birth was not so much. Ahh…reality. The bills that followed his birth were also…

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Note To Self: Don’t Put Your Trust in Presidents or Policies

I’ve been scared for the future because I have been putting my trust in presidents and policies. But those things are failing me.

November is upon us. As much as I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving, family time, and even more football, I’m also dreading it. Why? Things that I have grown to trust are letting me down. #1. The election. Do I even need to explain? #2. Health Insurance. Like pretty much everyone else, our insurance premiums and deductibles have risen to the point where insurance will only be helpful to us in the event of a major catastrophe. Meanwhile, month to month,…

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Once Upon A Time

I’ve always been a big fan of stories. Especially the kind with a happy ending. Especially the love story kind. I enjoyed fairy tales growing up and of course, I loved Disney movies. The princess always found her prince. One of the things that I love most about fairy tales is that, while they often have a happy ending, it’s not always happy the whole way through. The characters have to go through something tough first or there’s a difficult…

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Rejoicing with Those Who Rejoice: When It Hurts

My whole life, I dreamt of being a wife and a mom. I had career goals and aspirations but I didn’t want those things if they were separate from getting married and having kids. A family of my own. That was the ultimate dream. But as life often goes, I had to wait. And most of my close childhood friends did not. They married their high school sweethearts. I was a bridesmaid or sang at their weddings. I was happy…

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Thoughts on a Miscarriage

Republished from October 2014: This one is risky for me to put out there.  But, I’ve decided to share for several reasons.  Number one, I process my emotions when I struggle to put them into words.  It’s incredibly healing for me.  Number two, I have learned from other peoples’ honest testimonies that God works in powerful ways when we share our stories.  I hope this post speaks to some woman who needs this right now.  And three, I believe in…

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Happier Thoughts Than Yesterday’s Post

Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Just the weight of the problems and issues of the world on your mind? That’s how I woke up yesterday. Sad about remembering 9-11 and frustrated by the drama and division all over the news. So, I wrote yesterday’s blog post. But then, I went to church.  And worship changed my mood and my perspective. As it should. As singing my heart out to God always does.  I…

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Dear Divided Country:

15 years ago, we were all in shock as our country was attacked. I will never forget the fear I felt as I watched the towers fall and watched people run away, covered in ashes.  As we prepared for war, I remember being so afraid that they’d draft my dad and he’d have to go fight. I remember him reassuring me that his knees were too bad and he was too old, they wouldn’t want him. But I knew, they…

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The Best Sometimes 

There comes a time at the end of a long day when the light is dim, the music is peaceful and quiet, and we gently rock back and forth in the cozy recliner. His head is nestled on my shoulder. He wraps his arm around my neck and plays with my hair or pats my back. I inhale the sweet scent of lavender from his shampoo and exhale the stress from the day. Sometimes, he sits up suddenly, looks me…

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