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Our Family Christmas Letter 2016

I am always torn about mailing Christmas cards. I’m an old soul so I appreciate getting real mail. I love to hang up the thoughtful cards sent from family and friends. We enjoy the faces smiling from our fridge until we finally take them down to put up the new ones.

But in the name of simplifying Christmas with both time and money, I decided to skip mailing out cards. I am on social media so often, I figure it’s not hard to know what we’ve been up to this year. I made up a few cards for the great-grandparents and figured I’d just post a photo on the blog for everyone else to enjoy.

2016 has been such a fun year! Colton has been learning and growing each month. He turned 1 in July and took off walking the day of his birthday party. He hasn’t stopped since.

He’ll be 18 months on January 3rd. He has a long list of words/phrases in his vocabulary including; dadda, momma, no, up, cup, please, light, dog, something resembling “Maverick”, What’s that?, What happened? and gosh. His signature moves are slapping his forehead and saying, “Oh!”, a confused look with a shoulder shrug, and a squinty-eyed cheese-ball smile. Man, we love that kid. He’s brought us so much laughter this year!

In July, we went to Omaha for a family wedding. While we were there, we took Colton on his first trip to the zoo with some of Stu’s siblings. The giraffes appeared to be his favorite. We also took him swimming in the pool at the hotel. He wasn’t too sure about that even though he takes swimming lessons once a week in the Little Otters program.

In October, Stuart and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a trip to Estes Park, CO. You can read about that here if you haven’t already. The gist of it is that we had a beautiful time.

Colton was an astronaut for Halloween and went trick or treating at the fall festival at our church. He had a great time picking ducks from the duck pond, cake walking with me, and bowling. In November, we had our first snow. We played outside, built a snowman, and daddy pulled Colton on the sled. He loved it and so did we.

Work keeps Stu pretty busy. He’s enjoying his job as an assistant principal. In his spare time, he does projects around the house or tries to beat me in fantasy football.

Housework and motherhood keep me busy but I have found outlets for my other interests. I’m involved in a weekly bible study, MOPS, and I sing with the worship team. When Colton naps, I write. Our whole family enjoys our weekly life group. We’ve only been here for a year and half but we’ve made some pretty great friends.

Maverick takes us for walks whenever he can. If it’s too cold, we play fetch inside or else he just lays around and pouts. His greatest calling is cuddling and he’s good at it.

There are so many of you who matter so much to us that we haven’t seen in too long. We hope you know who you are and that we love you. We are wishing you all a fantastic Christmas and the happiest of new years.


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