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Happier Thoughts Than Yesterday’s Post

Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Just the weight of the problems and issues of the world on your mind? That’s how I woke up yesterday. Sad about remembering 9-11 and frustrated by the drama and division all over the news. So, I wrote yesterday’s blog post.

But then, I went to church. 

And worship changed my mood and my perspective. As it should. As singing my heart out to God always does. 

I still agree with everything I wrote but I realized I forgot to mention one very important truth. The truth that matters the most. 

No matter what happens to the United States, The LORD reigns.

He is in control. He is bigger than all of it. He sees us here. He comforts us. He works through His people to bless others. And He has a plan that is always in motion. Always for His Glory and our ultimate good. 

And so, even in the midst of the pain and division here in our country, we have the promise of a perfect, eternal kingdom. His kingdom. Heaven. 

So, we have hope. Hope that He’s with us and loves us in the here and now. And hope for the future.

And that hope is for everyone who calls upon His Name.

So, yes. I love my country and I care deeply about what happens to it. But, I love my God more. And he’s got this.

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