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Date Your Husband: Prom Night


Prom Night with My Husband

Do you ever feel like life is just mundane? Even your date nights? I love dinner and movie. I love sweatpants and cuddling up for movie night on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn. I love that I am married to my best friend. I don’t have to wear any makeup to impress him. I can be comfortable and just be myself around him. We don’t have to do anything fancy to have a good time.  I really appreciate that.

But do you ever long for “fancy”? Something that’s a break from the norm? Something that feels a little special. Maybe even romantic? I did, too. I’m a new stay at home mom and I love my new gig. But, I used to do my hair and make-up everyday. I used to wear professional clothes. I used to get “dressed up” occasionally in a wardrobe that actually fit. Now, those dressed up opportunities are few and far between. Life is about keeping up the house and keeping up with my son. And I love it. But sometimes, I long to be the woman I used to be. I want to have just a couple of hours to be more wife than mom. Anyone else?

So, I asked my husband to prom for our May date night in. If you haven’t read yesterday’s post on a year’s worth of pre-planned dates, check it out for more background.

Every prom night has a theme. My theme was “An Evening Under the Stars”. My plan was to enjoy the evening on our deck outside. I was going to string lights from the pergola, we’d eat outside, dance outside and then look at the stars for a while. But, May in Nebraska was cold and windy this year. So, I decided to move us into the garage instead.

The Decorations: While Stu was at work, I overcame my fear of the ladder and managed to hang 2 strands of Christmas lights. I also hung up some of those little plastic stars you can get at a dollar store. I set up our card table but realized I didn’t have a nice tablecloth. I found a black fabric shower curtain in our linen closet and thought, “Eh. That’ll work.” Yes, I used a shower curtain as a table cloth. LOL. But, I did run it through the wash first and put the grommets towards the back…So, it accomplished the “fancy” I was going for. Kind of. Then, I set the table using the champagne flutes from our wedding and our nice china plates. I used some crystal votive candle holders that we were given as a wedding gift and a vase of fake flowers left over from our wedding center pieces. And, wala. Decorations done. 13179114_10102420578483283_6550779443371118211_n.jpg

The Meal: For dinner, I made Italian Chicken in the Crockpot. I knew that I would be trying to get Colton to bed and get dressed myself, so I wanted something all ready to go. I put 2 chicken breasts in the crockpot, dumped a bottle of Italian salad dressing over it, cut up some potatoes and carrots, sprinkled Italian seasoning and Parmesan cheese over the whole thing. Then, I let it cook on low for 6-8 hours. I served it with a side salad (Can you tell I like a little salad with my Ranch?). Super easy, super yummy.


The Main Event: I gave Stu his invitation earlier in the week. Then, I ordered him a boutonniere and dropped some pretty heavy hints about getting me a corsage. I figured if we’re going to prom, we’re going to prom! Stu picked up on it and got me a corsage. I chose to wear a long black maxi dress from on our honeymoon. It still fit, kind of. Stu wore his suit.


We were going to wait until after Colton was in bed to eat but we didn’t want to wait until 8 o’clock so Colton joined us in the garage for our fancy supper. After I put him to bed, we went out to the garage for the dancing. I made a Spotify playlist for the evening. I chose the first dance song from our wedding and a few other favorites. I mixed it up with the usual dance party songs (yes, of course we Cotton-Eye Joed in our garage). Our dog, Maverick, is kind of needy and was curious what we were doing in the garage, so he wouldn’t stay in the house. He got in on the dance party, too.



We had so much fun! Yes, the decorations were simple. Yes, I still had to cook. Yes, we had to have the baby monitors in the garage so we’d be able to hear Colton if he woke up. But for just a little bit, I was dressed up and dancing with my husband under some twinkling lights. It felt special. Out of the ordinary. Romantic. We made a memory. And it didn’t matter that we were only in our garage.

Be sure to check back here next week to see more of our year of dating!



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