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Motherhood Moment to Memory: An Ode to Sweet Potatoes

I’ve been working on several blog posts lately but they are all too deep for my current thinking capacity. Sleep deprivation is a brain killer. So, I have a couple of half done, incoherent posts that I will fix up and finish later…I have no idea if later means this week, next month, next year…Stay tuned.

But today, I had a moment to sit down to type (yay to 4 great naps this week!!). Colton is growing up fast (6 months!) and is trying a lot of new things. We are getting more serious about sleep training, especially since this past month or so we’ve had a major regression. He’s already made great progress with his morning naps and hopefully, night time will follow suit.

After enjoying rice cereal for 2 months now, Colton is starting on solid foods that have flavor! Yesterday, was his first bite of sweet potatoes and he loved them when we tried them again today. He’s also becoming so much more alert and aware of what’s going on around him. When we read to him, he focuses on the pictures and studies everything so close! Today, we read a lot of Dr. Seuss.

So, what do I do with this very rare opportunity to write? How do I use my currently limited thinking and creative abilities? I write an Ode to Sweet Potatoes, of course (I may have had Dr. Seuss on the brain). Hey, it’s the best I can do. This is my life right now. And yes, Colton’s first feeding is one of those motherhood moments that I just don’t want to forget. Therefore, I write about it. And take pictures. And video. Just in case I really do lose my mind (it feels like I might sometimes)…

Anyway, here it is. I am sure all you moms out there can relate and reminisce!


Ode to Sweet Pototoes

Sweet potatoes on your nose. Sweet potatoes between your toes.

How did they get there? No one knows!

Sweet potatoes on your chin. Sweet potatoes in your toothless grin.

Sweet potatoes that get spit out. All these stains…I need more Shout!

Sweet potatoes on the floor. But, you open your mouth…


Sweet potatoes in your hair. You bop the spoon, they fly through the air!

Sweet potatoes here and there,

Sweet potatoes everywhere!


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