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Motherhood Moments to Memories

I love photography.  I am not a photographer myself, but I really appreciate the way that photographers capture moments that instantly become treasured mementos.  Now that I am a mom, I find myself taking an insane amount of pictures because, like I wrote before, this motherhood thing isn’t going to last long enough!  I want to remember everything.  https://happysthoughts.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/how-long-is-this-going-to-last/

There are sacred motherhood moments that pass in the blink of an eye.  I always think, “I never want to forget this.  This moment.  This right now.  I want to hold onto it forever.”  But, sometimes my hands are full.  Or, I don’t have my phone on me.  Or, I simply want to live my life and be present instead of always running to go get a camera!  Of course, there are also times when a camera just can’t capture what is happening in my heart or in my mind.  It just won’t do.  And for all of those moments, I have to write.

So today, I am going to try a new kind of writing for me.  It’s basically just free verse.  I am no poet!  But, this is kind of what my journal ends up looking like.  Just lines of whatever I’m thinking that I want to get on paper.  I’m sharing it because maybe it resonates with you.  Maybe you can relate.  Or maybe, you are Colton’s grandma and you just enjoy all things that involve your grandkids.  (Looking at you, Colleen!  You too, Patty!)  Anyway, here is my first “motherhood moment to memory.”


I put you in your pajamas

The ones with the little feet,

Laid you on the floor on a blanket

To swaddle you all up for the night.

You smelled so sweet

I just had to lean over to breathe you in.

That smell.

My hair tickled your face

And you laughed out loud.

A raspy, grunty kind of chuckle.

Those blue eyes,

That dimple!

Right then, I was reminded of the fact

That you, my boy, are

Such A Gift.



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