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We Named You For Her

Yes, we named you after two amazing women. But, I’ll never tell you that you have big shoes to fill. God made you unique.

Millie She was a head tossed back laughing. She was beautiful blue eyes with a mischievous twinkle. She was playing the organ and singing old hymns. She was rolling dough to make homemade noodles. She was getting chased by headless chickens but having the last laugh when she’d fry them up extra crispy. She was always on the go. On a lawn-mower, a 4-wheeler, an old pick-up truck. She didn’t quit. She worked hard on the farm for everything she…

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Update: The Great Lenz Migration and The Latest on Little Sis

I am so sorry it has been such a long time since I’ve written. Life overwhelmed me for a bit there. For those of you who missed it, this happened.  We moved away from our home in North Platte to put down roots in my hometown, Giltner. Stu is the new principal/superintendent at MY school. I think God likes to throw us funny life quirks that we never thought we’d see coming. Just to let us know He’s in charge…

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Truly This Was the Son Of God

It’s Good Friday. This week, I spent some time reading the account of Jesus’s betrayal, crucifixion, and the resurrection. Like many of you, I’ve read this account many times. At least once a year at Easter time. But this year, something stood out to me that hadn’t before. The centurion and his confession of Christ. You can read all of Matthew 27 for context but at the point of the centurion’s confession, Jesus had been crucified and just gave up…

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Dreaming of Tulips

You guys, it feels good just to log onto this blog, open up a blank post and type. It feels like I haven’t written in forever. The week of Christmas, we found out we are expecting another baby! We couldn’t be more excited about our little Christmas gift. But when the holidays settled down, the sickness settled in. January felt like the month of yuck. Morning sickness that was actually all day, random sickness…feeling like my days were spent rocking on…

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Lessons in Parenting: I’m Being Watched

I feel like somebody’s watching me. Somebody little. And to further creep me out, he’s copying me. Mimicking me. Somedays, it actually feels like he might be mocking me! Sometimes it’s cute. Like how he chirps “Here ya go!” when I hand him anything. Apparently, I say that often? Or how he holds his toy phone up to his ear and parrots, “hello!” over and over. I guess he’s seen me do that before a few times. But sometimes, it’s…

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Highlights From Our Family Christmas

Being a parent at Christmas time is something special. You get to relive Christmas through a child's eyes.

  Christmas 2016 is in the books. It was so much fun to watch Colton experience Christmas this year. He is at an observant age. Everything is “Whas ‘at”? Anything new to him is “ooo” and “wow!” We had our little family Christmas on the 23rd. Stu came home from work and we opened presents.                     For supper, we made Cornish Hens and mashed potatoes. The Cornish Hens were a tradition that…

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Our Family Christmas Letter 2016

I am always torn about mailing Christmas cards. I’m an old soul so I appreciate getting real mail. I love to hang up the thoughtful cards sent from family and friends. We enjoy the faces smiling from our fridge until we finally take them down to put up the new ones. But in the name of simplifying Christmas with both time and money, I decided to skip mailing out cards. I am on social media so often, I figure it’s…

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Advent Devotional: Come And Behold Him

When was the last time you worshiped as you sang the old familiar Christmas carols proclaiming His birth? "O Come, All Ye Faithful" says to "come, and behold Him".

Have you stopped to behold Him yet this Christmas season? I know, it’s a busy time of year. Full of Christmas lists and shopping, wrapping paper and gift bags, decking the halls, endlessly addressing Christmas cards, running to this pageant and that program, feast planning and baking, charity events, trips to see Santa, Holiday light tours, caroling, family get-togethers. All good things. Festive and family-focused. Spreading good cheer to all. There’s nothing wrong with it. I love this time of…

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Advent Devotional: Upon a Midnight Clear

What if, at Christmastime, we remember that it’s not about us, it’s about Him. The Great Light that pierces our midnight.

If I close my eyes, I can picture that night. Pitch black and still. Quiet. When suddenly, it wasn’t dark or quiet anymore. The brilliant light of the angels’ glory pierced the darkness and startled the shepherds sleepily guarding their sheep. Upon that midnight clear, they began to sing a “glorious song of old”. Luke 2:13-14 says, “And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of heavenly host praising God and saying: “Glory to God in the highest, and…

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Motherhood Moment to Memory: He Waved and Walked Away…

He waved and walked away from me yesterday. I dropped him off by the church nursery door for my MOPS meeting. He gave me a little wave and walked right in.

He waved and walked away from me yesterday. I dropped him off by the church nursery door for my MOPS meeting. He gave me a little wave and walked right in. Made a beeline for the toys. And he didn’t look back. I watched him go with a mix of emotions. All last year, I tried to leave him in the nursery and they always brought him back to me. He wanted to be held or he wanted to nurse.…

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