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Dreaming of Tulips

You guys, it feels good just to log onto this blog, open up a blank post and type. It feels like I haven’t written in forever.

The week of Christmas, we found out we are expecting another baby! We couldn’t be more excited about our little Christmas gift.

But when the holidays settled down, the sickness settled in. January felt like the month of yuck. Morning sickness that was actually all day, random sickness…feeling like my days were spent rocking on a boat. Followed up by head colds. Colton topping it off with an ear infection. Needless to say, nap time became my nap time, too. Writing time got pushed to the back burner.

And all the while, it was cold and yucky outside. For weeks, I couldn’t even count on the fresh air and sunshine to give me a lift and brighten my spirits.

But for over a week now, it has been warm! We’ve gone for walks, picnicked at the park, played in the backyard. Not only am I feeling physically better but my emotional health has improved as well! It does the soul some good to get outside!

When we were outside one day, I stated thinking about the bulbs I planted in the fall and prayed they will come up this year.

I love early spring flowers, especially tulips. To me, they represent hope. A signal that things are about to change for the better. A reminder that God made us resilient. He gives us the strength to endure our winters and then, up springs something new. A gift. A blessing.

I started thinking of all the new things God is doing my life this year. It gives me hope to see God at work in big ways and small in my life.

So, when the temperatures drop later this week and/or we get a snow storm…I’m going to look at this picture and reread these words. Because, gosh, sometimes you just need reminded that winter won’t last forever. I might be looking at a snow covered backyard but all I will see are tulips.

***How is God working in your life right now? What new things are you seeing Him do in you or through you?***

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