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Thank You, Beth Moore!

One week from today, my favorite Bible teacher is coming to Nebraska. Right here to my home state! I’m incredibly pumped to see her teaching the Word live and in person. I can’t wait.

Beth Moore is my favorite Bible teacher for several reasons. I have completed 9 of her studies and I have loved them all. Her studies first appealed to me when I was single and fresh out of college. Many of the women’s Bible studies that I could find revolved around the topics of how to be a godly wife and mother. While I think those are important topics and they were solid, Biblical studies, it was just not relevant to me in that season of my life. I needed to know that God had a Word for me right then. In that season. I needed to know that God was working in my life at the present moment. My life didn’t start when I met Stu and neither did my walk with Jesus. I needed to be able to seek Him just as I was, right where I was. And Beth’s studies helped me do that. My life has since changed. I am married with a baby now and her studies are still relevant. I think I’ll be able to glean from them and grow from her work no matter what stage I’m in.

I also love her work because she is the first female Bible teacher I ever listened to who taught me that I can study God’s Word with my whole heart and MY BRAIN. I stay home now, but I’m still a teacher at heart. I am intellectually minded. I don’t want studies that just reassure me and make me feel good. I want something that will make me think. I want to learn and grow. I want a challenge. I want to be stretched. I want to know the historical context and what the original words mean. I love charts and maps and graphic organizers. I desire to go deeper than just the surface.

I appreciate that her work has something for everyone. If you are a brand-new believer, it won’t be over your head and you’ll learn foundational truths. If you are lifer with the Lord, you will hear something fresh. You’ll get a new perspective on an old story. Something you never knew will pop off the page. You’ll keep growing. That’s the thing with God’s word. Once you think you’ve got a handle on it, you find something you’ve missed. And Beth loves to point it out to you!

I just thank God for her ministry. For her contagious passion and zeal for the Lord. For her zany personality. For her commitment to teaching the truth of the Word. For the love and care she puts into the pages of her writing. God has used her ministry in my life to take me deeper in my relationship with Him. I know many women who can say the same thing!

Hey, Beth, see you in Omaha on April 15th and 16th!! I’ll make sure mom and I use enough hairspray to make you proud.

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