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Why Are You Weeping?

“Woman, why are you weeping?”
Jesus asked this question to Mary Magdalene after His resurrection. He appeared to her but she didn’t recognize Him at first (John 20:11-18). She was distraught that her Lord had been crucified and now His body was missing. She could not see past her earthly pain to see that God was working out His plans. And that He was right in front of her. As she focused on the loss of Jesus, she didn’t realize she was just given eternal gain through Him. So she wept.
I can relate. There have been moments in my life in which I have wept because I struggled to see past my earthly issues to God’s sovereign plan. God is always working but I can’t always see how His plan is going to work out. In the moments where my pain is intense and nothing makes sense, God is working out something amazing for His glory and my good.
In those moments, Jesus’s question to Mary Magdalene is a question for me, too. “Woman, why are you weeping?” If I pay attention, He reveals to me through His Word, through the Holy Spirit, through the people He’s placed in my life, and through His creation that He’s still here. He still loves me and He’s still working for my good. He’s got my earthly problems under control. But even better, thanks to His great love for me, He has my eternal problem under control.
Just as Jesus’s disciples didn’t understand why He died or why His body was missing three days later, they soon did. Jesus revealed Himself to them and suddenly, it all made sense. His death and resurrection took place to fulfill God’s great plan of redemption. For my sin and for yours, Jesus died on the cross. 3 days later, He conquered death and rose again that through Christ, death would die and we would live.
I have the hope of heaven. I have the promise of eternal life. Woman, why ARE you weeping? Christ has risen and death has been defeated. Hallelujah!
Happy Easter everyone!

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